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Safe Driving Tips for Holiday Road Trips

Are you and your family heading out on holiday road trip to Grandma’s house this year? Before you get on the road, check out these helpful driving tips so you and your family can stay safe on the road, even in bad weather.

How to drive in snowy

  • Don’t tailgate – When driving the in snowy conditions, the water and ice on the roads make it slippery, which means your tires will have a harder time finding traction when you hit the brakes. Make you leave the length of a football field between you and the car driving in front of you to ensure you have ample room to stop.
  • Driver slower— Four-wheel drive can be helpful in snowy conditions, but even if your car has four-wheel drive, we recommend reducing your speed to 10 miles under the normal speed limit.
  • Watch out for black ice – Black ice is such a dangerous element on the roads because it is almost impossible to detect. This substance most often formed in shadowy areas where the warmth of the sun doesn’t reach, bridges and intersections. Make a note to slow down when encountering these areas.

How to drive in rainy weather

  • Slow down— Slippery, wet roads can be dangerous because, at certain speeds, your car can hydroplane. If you do hydroplane, remain calm, take your foot off the gas and slow down until your car regains traction.
  • Don’t drive through flooded areas – what may look like a shallow puddle might be deeper than you think. If you notice you’re approaching a large puddle, try to drive around it.

While we at The Warlick Firm, PC hope you have a safe holiday road trip, we understand that accidents happen. If you or your family was injured by a negligent driver, contact our Woodstock car accident attorney.