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The 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries

While workplace injuries occur in many different ways and with many different consequences, certain types of injuries occur more frequently than others. If you have sustained any of these common types of injuries, it’s strongly advised that you review your case with a Woodstock worker’s compensation lawyer, as you may be entitled to financial relief and benefits while you are injured and out of work or have your working capacity reduced.

The 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries in the United States

10. On the Job Violence – Everyone’s job is stressful sometimes, but it’s not often that the stress boils over to the point where someone starts throwing punches or assaulting a co-worker. Proper training and employee diligence can reduce these occurrences and keep them out of your workplace.

9. Repetitive Motion – Even small, simple motions done over and over again thousands of times can lead to serious injuries that take a long time to recover from. This is perhaps the most common type of injury in positions that require constant computer use or typing for hours at a time each day.

8. Machine Entanglement – Heavy machinery moving quickly can cause a lot of damage in the blink of an eye should an accident happen. Even the slightest safety concerns, such as wearing loose clothing or having long hair, can cause a major injury. This happens more frequently than you might think.

7. Vehicle Accidents – Many employees must drive for business purposes, whether you’re a taxi driver, big-rig operator, shuttle driver, and more.

6. Walking Injuries – Walking itself isn’t necessarily dangerous… so long as you’re paying attention. Many busy workers are distracted while in motion, whether they’re checking their phone, reading a report, or any other action. As a result, thousands of people accidentally walk into things like doors, walls, tables, and more and injure themselves.

5. Falling Objects – Objects fall all the time, whether they’re dropped from a shelf or by another person. Falling objects are also one of the leading causes of head injuries, which are often extremely serious. Whenever you have people working with objects at height, it’s critical to make sure these objects are secure and that everyone wears proper safety equipment.

4. Reaction Injuries – Have you ever slipped on ice while walking? The sudden scramble to catch yourself may prevent you from hitting the ground, but can also cause other injuries such as pulled muscles, twisted ankles, or even tendon injuries. A small, uncleaned spill on a smooth floor can easily cause one of these extremely common injuries.

3. Falling from Height – Falling down is painful enough, but falling down with added height can only increase the chances of an injury, as well as its severity. Employees falling off boxes, stools, ladders, roofs, scaffolding, lifts, and more happens nearly every day, making these injuries extremely common.

2. Slipping/Tripping – Whether it’s an extension cord on the ground, a small spill on a clean floor, or ice on a sidewalk outside, slip or trip and fall injuries happen constantly. Your employer has the responsibility to remove these hazards to the best of their ability, but these are still one of the leading injury types despite best efforts.

1. Overexertion – Overexertion injuries most often stem from trying to work too hard or do too much too quickly. The most common overexertion issue involves trying to lift something that’s too heavy without the property training, support or tools, leading to pulled or torn muscles, back injuries, and more.

If you have been injured while on the job, you may be entitled to benefits through the Georgia worker’s compensation system. At The Warlick Firm, PC, we understand the difficulties you face when you are injured on the job, and we work hard to help you obtain benefits you are entitled to. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, and we’re motivated by your success.

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