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Personal Injury FAQ

After an accident or injury, you are likely overwhelmed by the prospect of surviving the aftermath as seamlessly as possible. Without adequate preparation or guidance, you may destroy the chance to move on from this devastating experience with the compensation you deserve. This is why our firm provides insight into some of the most frequently asked questions about personal injury law, including:

  • What damages can I claim? Victims of injury due to no fault of their own are eligible to pursue litigation for the monetary value of past and future medical bills, loss of work or wages, pain and suffering, and more.
  • What is pain and suffering? This refers to the physical and emotional anguish or stress caused by an injury. Examples include permanent scarring, depression, PTSD, difficulty sleeping, inability to resume regular activities, etc.
  • How much is my case worth? Determining the estimated value is dependent on several unique factors, specifically the extent of your injuries. The more severe or permanent your injuries, the larger your compensation will be.
  • How long will my case take? While it can be frustrating to hear a vague answer, the truth of the matter is there is no way to predict the nature of your case. It may take several months or instead may be resolved much sooner.
  • Should I accept the insurance company’s settlement offer? Though it may be tempting, it is not advised you take the first offer on the table. This is a common negotiation tactic as it is expected your first offer will be deliberately lower than what you deserve.
  • Should I file a personal injury lawsuit or make a workers’ compensation claim? Personal injury lawsuits require you to prove fault while employees are not required to fight for their claim. However, pain and suffering cannot be claimed in workers’ compensation.

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