Why Truckers Can’t See You

Truck No-Zone Infographic

Many drivers don’t know how to safely pass a large truck. That’s not entirely their fault. Trucks make up a tiny percentage of vehicles on the road and most drivers don’t see them on a daily basis. When drivers are behind a large truck, many don’t realize why the truck driver can’t see them. It’s all because of something called “The No-Zone.”

If I Can’t See You, You Can’t See Me

Large trucks have terrible visibility. They have no rear-view mirrors, they can’t see the first 20-30 feet to their front or rear, and their height makes it difficult to see cars coming alongside them. Therese aren’t just areas of low visibility, they are places of zero visibility.

There’s a word for this area around a truck. It’s called “The No-Zone.” To help you get a better idea of this area of zero visibility, we’ve put together this image below.

No-Zone Infographic

When a vehicle, pedestrian, or animal is in the “no-zone” truckers cannot see them at all. As the sign says, “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you.” But not every truck has this slogan written on it, which means that many people don’t realize they aren’t safe to pass or merge.

Tips for Safely Passing Large Trucks

Upon learning of the “No-Zone” many drivers feel that they haven’t received enough information to pass trucks safely. The following are a few tips to help drivers safely maneuver around large trucks and avoid wrecks.

  • Provide three car lengths or more when in front of or behind a large truck.

  • When preparing to pass a truck, provide extra space so they’ll be able to see you pull out.

  • If you see a truck’s turn indicator flash on the side of the trailer while attempting to pass them, slow down and allow them to pass you.

  • When passing a truck, never merge back into the right lane until you can see their trailer in your rearview mirror.

  • Never pass a truck on the right.

Following these tips is just the start of preventing serious trucking accidents. The rest comes from better driver education for both commercial drivers and passenger drivers as well as spreading awareness about the “No-Zone.”

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